vCloud Networking and Security (VCNS) to NSX for vShield Endpoint Upgrade

Are you using Shield Endpoint to manage your offloading anti-virus solution? It is time now to update your vShield Manager to NSX Manager. vShield Network and Security (VCNS) is end of support September 2016. Your “old” vShield Endpoint manager is actually part of VCNS. You should start your upgrade asap, to have a supported solution in the future. NSX will be used to manage your vShield Endpoint environment. You don’t need any additional NSX licenses if you are using NSX for vShield Endpoint – you only need a new tool to manage your vShield Endpoint management.

It is not too hard to upgrade. There is the vCloud Network and Security to NSX Upgrade Guide which will guide you step by step thru the whole process:

Updated: Aug 29 2016

Before upgrading, please consult the NSX 6.2.4 Release Notes available from the NSX Documentation Center 

and – minimum recommended version for NSX for vSphere with GID, ESXi, and vCenter Server. – for Guest introspection make sure to use tools 10.0.9 – or later…

For VCNS End Of Life see:

For supported partner Antivirus solutions (Trend Micro, Symantec, BitDefender, McAfee…) see

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