Some Performance hints for VSAN 6.2

Some Performance hints for VSAN 6.2

With VSAN 6.2 VMware added a lot of new features, like dedup, compression and checksums. Some of these features can use CPU resources to a certain extent – depending on your workload.

In my personal experience with customers, I have found that the Checksum option can produce some overhead – especially in All-Flash configurations with extremly high IO, or if you are doing benchmarks (which also produces high IO load normally…)

If you are using all-SSD configuration and you can live without checksums, just change your VSAN policies accordingly.¬†Use the “Disable object checksum” option in your storage policy and set the option to “YES”.

Here is the link to VMware’s VSAN documentation.

Are you using a Hybrid VSAN 6.2 configuration?

There is another hint for you. Since VSAN 6.2 VSAN is always calculation Deduplication / Compression data. – WHich in case of Hybrid configuration deos not make any sense at all. – But it produces a certain overhead.

There is a very important Knowledge Base article for you if you are using VSAN in hybrid mode. – Change some options and get better performance!



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