About VMWerni

About VMWerni


My name is Werner Rüegg. Years ago when I worked for an IT service company I got the name VMWerni – because I was the one responsible for this ESX kind of thing (this was around ESX 2.5). Well that’s pretty long time ago, and yes I am pretty old too. – My first job was at a company called Olivetti in Switzerland – there I was responsible for “Software” in the technical Marketing department. This was last century, 1988… So this makes close to 30 years of IT experience.

After that? – I worked in in the education Services Department for a company called Digital Equipment. I got MCSE, MCT and all that stuff. Then I was working as consultant in the Windows AD NT4 to 2008 timeframe, and then I started to transition towards ESX.

Today? Since June 2011 I am working for VMware (Switzerland). First as Senior Consultant in the base infrastructure and VDI (Horizon View) environment. Since 2014 I am working as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) supporting some customers in Switzerland.

And now 2016 a start with my blog – all about useful stuff around VMware, vSphere, ESXi virtualisation SDDC, EUC or whatever you like to call it. – And yes I write my blog in sort of English language – natively I am speaking Swiss-German, with my customers I talk German, French or English – so forgive any grammatical “misconfigurations” and typos – I will do my very best – but sometimes it’s hard write in another language…